It'll Come To Ya'

Its all about perspective.


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People fall in love in mysterious ways.

— Ed Sheeran (via deepfriedchickennuggets)

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Everything happens for a reason and I’m finally seeing the reason why you left. I may have loved you but I think I could love him more.

— Caitlin Mackenzie (via darthcaitlinnnn)

Sometimes, at night, when left alone with your own thoughts, you try on his last name in the dressing room of your subconsciousness. The next day you will be brave enough to ask him if this validates your relationship, he will say, ‘its complicated,’ and this time you will not agree. You will not make a home out of yourself for his cowardliness, The lights will be turned on. He has never seen you like this – bare.

— Excerpt from my short story.  (via browngirlslaw)

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There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

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God’s perfect love is eternal love.

It can’t be earned by what
you do nor forfeited by
what you don’t do.

You can choose to receive it,
or you can choose to ignore it,
but you can’t end it.

God will not force you
to enjoy His love..

but you can’t stop Him from offering it.

— (via you-are-forever-faithful-lord)

please don’t go, please don’t go; i love you so, i love you so

— Alt-J Breezeblocks (via obsessivecompulsivefanboy)

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